Solar power for Hotel Houthavens

The new hotel in the Houthavens in Amsterdam is provided with solar panels. Both the Moxy hotel and the Residence Inn hotel, located in the same building and both a Marriott formula, provide a sustainable power supply!

 The new hotel exists of the two formulas of Mariott. They have their own lobby and each a completely different style. The “Moxy” formula, the brand new design formula of the Mariott, is aimed at the young and hip audience and has 120 rooms. The luxurious “Residence Inn” is aimed at long-stay guests and has 60 long-stay suites. With the two formulas there is something for everyone. Young and old can feel at home in the Mariott in the Houthavens in Amsterdam.

 In addition to the solar panels on the roof, the hotel also provides an ATES-system for sustainable warming and cold generation. Energy efficient equipment is used, daylight is optimally utilized through an atrium and the building has the latest insulation requirements. To conclude, the Houthavens offers a brand new state-of-the-art and very modern hotel for young and old, for short and long stays!




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