Museum Depot

In the western harbour area, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam has found an eye-catching, yet sober and modest new central depot. The depot was specially designed in order to reduce the deterioration of the works of art it contains to a minimum using modern technology. The cube-like shape of the prefab concrete building is completely closed, except for the main entrance. There, the building opens up and a patio reveals the full depth of the depot. Round this atrium, studios, offices and workshops can be found. The whole space is screened by a number of monumental wooden doors on the street side. For the transportation of large works of art the building has been specially equipped with a twelve metre-high and over six metre-wide open space including an elevator installation. The depot has large storage spaces which meet strict criteria with regard to climate and security. Paintings, sculptures, paper posters, wooden furniture and metal pieces of art all require different ways of dealing with factors such as humidity, temperature and daylight, all of which have been taken into account. As a matter of fact these aspects make the building a high-tech fire safe.

Location Museum Depot, Amsterdam
Contracter Municipality Amsterdam
Assignment Project Development
Total size 9500 m² GFA
Duration 2008


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