Danzigerkade 14-15

Danzigerkade 14-15 will be built as a multi-tenant and multi-functional office building where sustainability is a high priority. The sustainability will be entwined into the various installation engineering, the design layout of the floors and material selections in relation to reuse and descent. The building is designed based on the current needs, including a look into the future on redevelopment, the reuse of materials and energy consumption.

Through its typical facade this building will gain the appearance of an archetypal warehouse, fitting its surroundings in the harbor. The use of steel and bricks as materialization and the use of steel emergency stairs attached to the balconies give the building her identity.

Location Danzigerkade 14-15, Amsterdam
Contracter Houthavens Beheer
Assignment Project Development
Total size 28.833 sq.m
Duration 2016 - present


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