Maakplaats HEM

Two years ago Marc van Langen, one of the founders of Green Recycled Organics (GRO), began his quest for a space in which he could grow mushrooms for GRO from coffee grounds. Currently, Marc is hosting ‘Maakplaats HEM’, a whole building full of new and (still) small-scale businesses.

Area Developer Heren2 renews, transforms, maintains and develops urban areas and owns a former anti-squat building near the Houthavens. It was the perfect place to grow mushrooms, but Marc saw more potential in the building.

Now, two years later, the property has been developed into a lively make-place where creativity and entrepreneurship in the food and clothing industry meet. In the industrial area surrounding ‘Maakplaats HEM’, there are several other companies within the food and clothing industry located in large halls (e.g. Brandt & Levie and Laura Dols). For the start-ups currently in the building of ‘Maakplaats HEM’, there are opportunities to grow into these larger spaces when they further develop themselves.

Read more about the plans for ‘Maakplaats HEM’ and its surroundings.



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