Kitchen Republic in the Houthavens

Food start-ups will get the chance to develop themselves at an appropriate speed thanks to Kitchen Republic; the new culinary incubator in Amsterdam-West.

Kitchen Republic will be a food incubator: culinary incubator for food start-ups – the entrepreneurs get a quiet workplace where their young ideas, with the help of experts, can slowly grow. These foodies often start with their adventure at home, but fail because they are inexperienced and grow to quick. Bart-Jan Veldhuizen (28) worked in the United States with two major food Incubators and decided that there has to be one in Amsterdam. Along with Emma Ferry House (25) – co-founder and owner of – he is working on setting up Kitchen Republic.

Kitchen Republic will be the first Food Business Incubator in Amsterdam for local food start-ups. They have a commercial kitchen of approx 500 m², there is office- and storage space available and they will help these starting entrepreneurs with their knowledge and expertise. They will give a helping hand with marketing and distribution and provide advice on sales and accounting. In this way, they want to lower the threshold for small food-start-ups and let small businesses grow.

On the 1st of May Kitchen Republic will open its doors in the Houthavens and on Friday, September 4th, the doors open for the public to get acquainted with their Members, and their products of course!

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