Heren2 developes new lab ADC

On the Roodeweg in Otrobanda the renewed Laboratory of Pathology Analytic Diagnostic Centre (ADC) has been officially opened.

Commissioned by ADC, developer/consultant Heren2 realized the expansion and reconfiguration of the lab on top of the existing premises of ADC on the Roodeweg. The old lab did not meet today’s standards anymore. In addition, the old building on the SEHOS terrain had to make room for the new hospital. During the expansion and redevelopment the special facade of the building has been taken into account, which is characterized by two round ‘bulges’ and a sloping shed. It was therefore essential that the street scene would not change dramatically. It was therefore decided to carry out the reticent expansion. The existing roof structure was demolished and replaced by a new space of 600 sqm. equipped with the latest technical equipment.The building, including the interior has been completed within 7 months and within budget. “A special project by and for our community, we are proud that we could provide our contribution to it,” said the director of Heren2.

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