Danzigerkade 55 Completed!

10 December 2013

Diesel Benelux has moved from Eindhoven to the Danzigerkade 55 in Amsterdam. What began as a sketch on a napkin during a brainstorming session while having dinner at the ‘REM’ island with the creative team of Diesel and the architects, has resulted in a beautiful new building for the jeans brand and an asset to the Houthavens. The building, including the interior fitting, has been completed within schedule and within budget, ultimately within 9 months after signing the lease contract. The building has remarkable wooden facades and balconies at the front and rear-side. With its shed-roofs the building obtains a great industrial exposure and has beautiful natural daylight entering the building. Inside the building there is a large atrium with an imposing staircase, in which not only the logo of Amsterdam can be recognised, but also gives a nod to the headquarters of Diesel in Breganze Italy. Around the atrium there are showrooms and offices.

On the ground floor ‘Grey Possible’ has been accommodated. These “Social Activators ” were attracted by the dynamic environment of the Houthavens and the fact that they occupy on the whole ground floor. Hereby the entire building is occupied with tenants before delivery.

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