Minister from Curacao visits the Houthavens

The Minister of Economic Development in Curacao, Mr. Steven Martina, visited the Houthavens on Thursday the 6th of July. The minister said:

“For economic development, we must be able to rely on a coalition of the willing through cooperation and enthusiasm from all parties involved.

Today, Thursday July 6th, we visited a former industrial site, named the ‘’Houthavens’’ on the ‘’IJ-oever’’ in the West part of Amsterdam. This area is currently being transformed into a new living and working environment.

With about 2000 homes and 300,000 square meters of office/business space. This is the example of a successful collaboration between government, port company and a project developer. In this case Heren2, with Patrick Virginia from Curacao.

An inspiring example of the coalition of the willing! ”



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