Concrete carcass Danzigerkade 85 almost ready

The carcass building at Danzigerkade 85 is almost ready. The concrete frame of a total of 9 floors has been made over a period of more than three months.

The steel structure of the upper floor, in which an auditorium will be realized, will be placed in the beginning of May 2017. This will reach the highest point.

In addition to the business building, the construction of the adjacent building, at the Danzigerkade 125, has now begun. In the beginning of May, the construction of the main bearing construction will begin. This will also be done in prefab concrete.

The construction of both the business building and the adjacent building are for our tenant PVH. The three buildings, including the Porcellis building, form a campus. In these buildings, all companies that are part of PVH Europe, including Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, are merged. The PVH Campus offers a special three-in-one concept. MVSA Architects have designed three buildings that belong together, but each have a clear identity.




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