• Houthavens

    Heren2 is creating 300,000 m² of creative business space in the Houthavens area of Amsterdam. Over recent years we have helped redevelop this part of the city into a modern, vibrant business area.Situated just outside the city centre, and only minutes away from the Amsterdam ring road, the Houthavens offers a truly unique location on the IJ waterway with the ultimate ‘work with a view’ feeling. The new construction in the Houthavens was individually designed by Heren2 to ensure that the ground-breaking companies involved had the pioneering architecture they deserve. Now, once again, the Houthavens area is a source of inspiration and innovation.In addition to being a well-functioning business area, the Houthavens is also being transformed into a pleasant neighbourhood to live for the employees of the many companies and the nearby residents. This has been realised by creating sustainable, high-quality public spaces, and accommodating dynamic hospitality companies and cultural activities, such as Theater Amsterdam, to ensure a lively atmosphere.www.dehouthavens.com

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  • Oranjewerf

    In June 2015 the portfolio of Heren2 was expanded with the Oranjewerf area. Situated on the Nieuwendammerdijk in Amsterdam North, the area is home to ship repair yards and offices of the creative sector, among others.

    The area currently functions well and is a valuable addition to the portfolio of Heren2. Heren2 aims to transform the area around the ship repair yards in medium to long term into a living and working area, that builds a bridge between the beauty, traditions and serenity of the Nieuwendammerdijk and the rugged, industrial character of the location.

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